Drones Deployed During Eurostar Tunnel Flooding Crisis

Eurostar, a major rail service operating between London, Paris, Brussels, and Amsterdam, faced significant disruptions due to flooding, forcing the cancellation of trains and impacting over 30,000 travellers. On January 2, 2024, Paragon Drones received a task to inspect a culvert urgently due to flooding concerns in Eurostar tunnels near London. This aimed to assess water levels and asset integrity. https://www.itv.com/news/meridian/2023-12-30/eurostar-and-southeastern-travel-chaos-after-major-flooding-in-thames-tunnel

Confined Space Inspection

The culvert, spanning 175 meters and equipped with various access points, provided an ideal setting for our specialised unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). Encased in a sturdy carbon fiber frame, the UAV boasts advanced features like a high-resolution 4K camera and onboard lighting. The frame protecting both the drone and the asset from any minor collisions.

Utilising a range extender, deployed into the culvert, ensured signal propagation and seamless UAV navigation. The pilot expertly flew the drone through the access point – see the video below. The live feed from the drone was being viewed by the structural engineers aiding in guiding the pilot to areas of interest. Post-flight evaluations by structural experts yielded valuable insights into the culvert’s condition, integrity, and reduced water levels.

Using the UAV expedited the inspection process, enhancing safety. Rapid assessment without health and safety constraints was equally crucial. The client received 4K videos and images for on-site analysis support.

Drones Deployed During Eurostar Tunnel Flooding Crisis

Drones Data Acquisition

In conclusion, Paragon Drones played a pivotal role in assessing the situation. Employing drone technology we removed the need for personnel to enter the confined space, expediting the process of acquiring data.

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