Drones in Construction – The Benefits

Drones in construction industry

Drones in Construction are already providing cost-efficient ways for mapping sites and tracking progress against schedule and project design.

How can a drone benefit the Construction Industry?

The use of drones in construction is fairly new in the UK compared to other countries. and is expected to increase significantly in the next decade.  The use of drones in construction will have a significant impact to the industry with an enduring effect – augmenting the workflow process, elevating worker safety to supporting existing security initiatives. Drones can be used from the beginning to the completion of the project, providing real-time data of all construction activities.  Survey digitisation is an area where construction companies will find cost-saving advantages, reducing the time-on-site for survey specialists.

Just some of the benefits of using drones in the construction industry:

  • Increased efficiency – surveying sites quicker than traditional methods.
  • Cost savings – manage scheduling and purchase of materials.
  • Marketing – providing high definition photographs and videos to supplement or lead a marketing campaign. 
  • Progress reports – capture data to inform and report during the construction life-cycle.
  • Safety – reduce the exposure to personnel working at heights or other difficult to access areas and to monitor existing safety.

Why not make your life easier and save money by getting Paragon Drones to help you with:

  • Inspections
  • Building information modelling
  • Marketing
  • Insurance
  • Security

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