COVID-19 – Drones: The unsung heroes supporting workforces

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Drones have been playing a role throughout the Covid-19 pandemic in many ways more than you might think. From helping the vulnerable and to even carrying out mass disinfecting, the advanced technology and minimal human contact is why drones are being used as an aid to help combat Covid-19. Here’s how drones are best supporting key workforces during Covid-19.


Part of the challenges throughout the pandemic have been getting medical supplies, test kits, PPE to different destinations and to the people who need them the most. This is where drones have an important responsibility. Countries are using drones for the delivery and transportation of Covid-19 supplies. They are flying over land and sea so that medical staff can get hold of much-needed protection and life saving equipment. Drones offer an extremely speedy delivery, an extended transportation network and limited physical contact which reduces the risk of transmission during delivery.

Limited physical contact

Covid-19 is a hugely contagious disease with over 55 million worldwide cases. Social distancing measures of keeping two metres apart is what the UK has been abiding to for the last eight months. To keep in line with these measures, drones are cutting down human contact, especially in the worst affected areas to deliver Covid-19 supplies and basic medicine.

Disinfectant spraying

Drones have also proven to be helpful throughout Covid-19 when it comes to disinfecting large areas with a heavy population and public areas that are commonly used by people. Drones that are typically used in the agriculture industry are fitted with the appropriate disinfectants that helps to stop the spread of coronavirus. The drone disinfects large areas and removes coronavirus droplets that can be spread through the air and by people touching contaminated surfaces.

Monitoring restrictions and quarantines

Public safety enforcement agencies and organisations across the globe, including the US, Spain, Italy, France, Rwanda, China, and the UK have deployed the use of drones to survey public spaces. The drones can track video surveillance and broadcast messages to ensure citizens are following the correct local restrictions.

Drones are doing an exceptional job in helping us all keep safe during Covid-19. With the benefits and technology that are playing a key role in helping essential workers and our economy safe. Paragon Drones have the utmost respect for all key workers and are proud to support the use of drones to contribute to a safe and efficient workplace.

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