Progress Monitoring

Aerial images and videos and live stream options are used to provide updates to stakeholders enhancing communication between construction firms and clients.

The data collected by the drone can also be used for frequently updating progress maps.

Risk and Safety Management

Site inductions require updating periodically and can be enhanced using images or video from drones. Toolbox talks can be conducted using this data to highlight areas of concern to site personnel.

The site can also benefit from live-stream footage of the real-time risks.

Working at height and sub-terranean inspections can be reduced or eliminated.

Volumetric Surveys

Earthworks cut and fill and stockpile volumes can be calculated from the drone data after being processed using sophisticated software.

This method removes the requirement for surveyors clambering over unstable stockpiles, providing faster data acquisition allowing surveyors to be employed for more important jobs.

Topographical Survey

Surveys can be conducted frequently during the project lifecycle.  Pre-construction the data from the drone will provide vital information of the site’s benefits or difficulties.

Credit HSE 2020

live streaming

Paragon Drones provides drone live streaming to make your inspections more efficient.

  • Confined space inspections 
  • Stakeholder project updates
  • Contractor management
  • Minimal personnel on site
  • On a platform of your choice


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