How Are Drones Impacting Business?

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Drones are impacting businesses. For example, construction, civil engineering and, facilities management. Likewise, waste management, utilities, environmental, agricultural monitoring, emergency services and logistics; drones have proved, advanced technologies are preferable to human interaction.

Importantly, there will be an estimated 76,000 drones in UK airspace, by 2030., a third being used in the public sector. All whilst, contributing to a safer UK, enabling these sectors to embrace the digital transformation. Furthermore, an increase in the number of drones used in retail, food services, public health, education, and agriculture will increase GDP. 

Ways Drones Are Impacting Businesses


Above all, drones increase productivity. Removing traditional time-consuming tasks from the workforce in construction, civil engineering, utilities, and manufacturing industries, drones are employed to reduce or eliminate health and safety risks associated with working at height, confined spaces, and other hazardous locations. Most of all, drones are deployed to minimise human interaction. The employment of drones provides up to 50% cost and time efficiencies, compared to humans – increasing in some industries.

Social Distancing

In a new era of social distancing and Covid-19 restrictions affecting the planet, collecting data can be challenging. Consequently, drones are easily deployed, accessing areas and collecting data that may be hazardous to humans while observing pandemic restrictions. A drone crew will operate autonomously relieving the problems of having a large workforce to conduct certain tasks.

Flyability Elios 2 drone inspecting a culvert. Drones impacting businesses.

Internet Access

In the digital world, most companies solely work online; internet access is vital. Most importantly, when infrastructure fails, is destroyed, or even damaged during a crisis, vital communication is lost when required. Drones are being deployed with 5G technologies, creating pop-up networks connecting to many devices at an enhanced, quicker and more reliable connection.  The Internet of Things (IoT) is how humans will be living in a smarter world in the future – a smart home, drones delivering packages and digitising the planet – drones are the future!

Drones And Security

With their compact size and a small footprint, drones are being used to provide constant surveillance over large areas; entertainment events, public disorder, construction sites, etc. Traditionally, surveillance methods were limited to static cameras or even a covert surveillance team. With the use of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), drones support traditional surveillance methods and in certain situations, completely replace the human. Additionally, drones can be equipped with a suite of cameras and sensors, allowing them to detect and provide imagery, whilst observing from an unobserved distance. 

The applications are limitless! Find out more about how Paragon Drones can help you? Contact us today. 

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